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Social Media Vs. SEO

There is an ongoing debate about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media, how they differ, correlate, and which strategy marketers should invest their time into.

For starters, SEO means the process of improving your website to increase its visibility in Google. In contrast, social media management is focused on utilizing existing social media tools to increase brand awareness, sentiment, and sales. Both SEO and social media both have unique benefits and roles in marketing.

The benefits of SEO include optimizing organic search traffic to your website based on audience search queries, while social media builds relationships and brand awareness. When SEO and social media are implemented efficiently, they can bring tangible results for your brand.

For SEO's user persona, you want to grasp your audience by meeting their expectations. This can be achieved through long-form text answering any questions they might have; this is best done in 1,500 relevant words, such as a blog post. ( Tie in personal connections by adding quotes from an influential expert of your brand's society. Profiles are ranked by search. Increase your content quality to beat the odds and make it to the top!

For social media, the ideal user persona is scrolling through their feed with no plan; therefore, it's essential to grasp your user's attention by simulating an emotional response. You can elicit feelings of anger, awe, and suspense through high-quality visuals, graphics, or short videos. You can even collaborate with a social influencer who has relevance to your brand for a bigger splash. By evoking emotion and building relationships, you can drive social rankings. (

Both marketing tools will increase your chances of brand discovery and help your search results ranking. With this in mind, consider how both tactics can complement each other for your brand, and be sure to hire a social media agency that understands how to work best with your SEO team.


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