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Stop Writing Boring Instagram Captions

Let's face it... No one likes a boring caption! We rounded up our top tips and tricks to spice up your Instagram captions.

Millions of people are scrolling through Instagram at this very moment, but what makes someone spend time on your post? The caption! A well thought and written caption will hold their attention to your post and help you stand out. If you want to get noticed, use our top tips to improve your captions.

Tip #1: Batch Writing

Batch writing can be described as writing out a list of captions or a “batch” that could be used for the content you need at the beginning of the week. Thinking of captions on the spot can become too repetitive and feel like a lot of pressure. Brainstorming at the beginning of the week can increase productivity and allow you to be more prepared.

Tip #2: Know Your Caption Themes

There are generally three themes that captions can fall under, Inspiration, Entertainment, and Education. Knowing which theme to use can allow you to go more in-depth with what you are trying to convey. Sticking to one theme at a time can make sure you fully get the message across!

Tip #3: Include a Call to Action

Engagement, Engagement, Engagement! Including a call to action will increase the chance of having your followers comment on your post. For example, a call to action could include the phrase “Tag your 3 besties!” “Tap if you like summer, comment if you like winter,” or even just ask an insightful question that will warrant a response. Be careful not to go too broad, as it can intimidate users not to respond.

Tip #4: Use Hashtags Appropriately

While hashtags are still VERY important, knowing when and where to use them can enhance your Instagram caption. If there are too many within the text, it can distract the users’ attention from what you want to portray. If you have many hashtags to include, we recommend placing them at the bottom of the post, away from the user's eye.

Tip #5: Don’t Take Captions Too Seriously

It is essential to get your information across to the viewer, but it doesn’t need to be so serious! It is best to write captions like you are having a conversation with your followers. It is less intimidating to the viewers, and they will be able to feel more connected to your account.

Instagram captions enhance your posts, help you tell stories, and engage your audience. Next time you post to Instagram, take a moment to write a caption that enhances your post and makes people want to know more about what you are promoting.


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