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Meet Our Summer 2023 Interns

With summer in full swing, GOAT Social would like to introduce the summer internship class of 2023, comprised of two students from Lasell University and Florida A&M University.

Two exceptional interns, Meaghan Csongor and Widnise Vilna, are learning hands-on this summer through their internship with GOAT Social Media. Hailing from different backgrounds and bringing diverse skills to the table, Meaghan and Widnise are ready to make a mark in the digital marketing realm. With their unwavering enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge, they are eager to contribute their fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to help GOAT Social Media elevate its branding strategies and engage with audiences in meaningful ways.

Meet Meaghan

Meaghan Csongor is a current senior planning to graduate in December of 2023 from Lasell University in Newton, Massachusetts. She has a major in Marketing and a minor in Event Management. She is really looking forward to getting to learn more about the ever-changing social media world through GOAT Social Media. Meaghan enjoys the creative factor behind social media and has learned a lot about marketing through her courses at Lasell University. In each marketing course, she worked on semester-long projects for various marketing campaigns for brands such as Lululemon, Glossier, and LUSH. She has also had experience creating social media posts for various clubs that she is involved in, as well as for her local animal shelter. She truly believes that her creativity comes from choreographing dance routines throughout her life and that her involvement in DECA really opened her eyes to the marketing world.

Her favorite thing to do in her free time is to dance and spend time with family and friends. She also loves traveling and hopes to travel all around the world someday. Meaghan hopes to hold a position in marketing post-graduation and plans to get her MBA after she graduates with her Bachelor's degree in December. She fully believes in the saying, “Never stop learning; education is the passport to the future,” and with that, she hopes to continue to expand her knowledge of the marketing world

Meet Widnise

Widnise Vilna is a senior student at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University with a major in Public Relations. Originally from Miami, FL, Widnise currently resides in Tallahassee, FL. She discovered her passion for the marketing world, particularly social media, early on. Intrigued by the power of social platforms to promote brands, engage with followers, and build a strong online presence, she was drawn to the ever-changing landscape of social media. Widnise is fascinated with the diverse communities and topics discussed daily on social media and is eagerly anticipating gaining hands-on experience in rebranding businesses, creating compelling content, and learning new strategies daily throughout her internship at GOAT Social Media.

In her free time, Widnise indulges in some well-deserved relaxation by binge-watching Netflix and enjoying the serenity of reading on her balcony. Adding a touch of feline charm to her life, Widnise shares her home with a beloved cat named Izzy. It's worth noting that Widnise is Haitian American and holds the distinction of being the first in her family to attend a Historically Black University. She was also newly appointed as the Public Relations Coordinator for PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society Association). She looks forward to the day she will contribute her expertise and creativity to a prominent public relations or marketing agency, and potentially one day, she will create her own agency.

For more updates this summer, be sure to follow GOAT Social Media on Instagram @goatsocialmedia.


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