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Meet our Newest Intern and Content Designer: Kathy Izquierdo

What college do you attend and what is your major:

Florida International University, Marketing

Where did you grow up?

I’ve been living in South Florida my whole life! I was raised in Weston, Florida.

What interests you in social media?

Social media is a place that connects and brings everyone together from all corners of the world. The fact that we are living in a time where social media allows us to work and connect with all of the unique cultures and individuals around the world is truly a new frontier. I love that social media is such a creative world that always has something new to offer. It allows me to soak up new things everyday as I work towards my marketing degree to master the latest social media marketing strategies and online trends to be the best in what I admire doing.

What is your favorite social media platform and why?

Honestly, out of all the choices of social media platforms, my favorite would have to be Instagram! I’ve always used the app since it first launched and I’ve never stopped using it. Every update and renovation Instagram has had, I’ve been there to see it. What I most love about the app is sharing photos, keeping up with family and friends, and seeing all of my favorite brands latest releases. Instagram is great for everyone, you could keep it personal or take it to the business side of things. Something I’m passionate about besides marketing itself is fashion and beauty, so Instagram is definitely a place where I go to showcasing my makeup looks and outfit inspos!

What advice would you give your high school self?

Some advice I would give my high school self would have to be to stick to what you are passionate about and have fun with it! I loved high school, but one of the things I struggled with was always being nervous about what was to come after high school. I thought being a doctor or a dentist was what I had to go for in order to be successful but that’s not what I was passionate about. I was always the best when it came to showing my creative skills, whether it was in writing or any kind of art class. Although I had a little trouble being confident in what I love doing, I always knew creativity was a skill I was going to be taking with me after high school. It took me a few college semesters to finally figure out that marketing was what I was passionate about and as I advance in finishing my degree at FIU, I admire it more and more everyday!

Favorite Book/TV Show/ or Movie at the moment?

My absolute favorite show at the moment would have to be Emily in Paris! It’s a new Netflix series about a girl named Emily who is a marketing executive in Chicago that gets hired to work at a marketing firm in Paris to provide an American perspective on things. It’s super cute and has some romance too, I honestly love it! 10/10 recommend!

Where do you want to travel next after the pandemic?

After this very life changing year we could all use some vacation time. I would like to travel to Spain! I’ve never been there but I know once this whole pandemic is over, I’m buying a ticket ASAP!

Must-Have Technology?

I’d be lying if I didn’t say my iPhone but yes… of course my iPhone is my must-have at all times! It’s honestly the best tool for staying entertained with tons of apps to choose from, staying connected with family and friends anywhere and anytime, and taking and sharing pictures at all times! I use my iPhone for absolutely everything, it’s a tool I can’t live without!


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