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Meet the Summer 2021 GOAT Social Interns

After reviewing over 50 applications, Kassie, Owner/Founder of GOAT Social Media, is pleased to have brought on two bright and eager interns for the summer in Downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Lizzie Eaton attends Florida State University and Katherine Izquierdo attends Florida International University. They are both studying marketing.

"Social Media is an area of business that many people may overlook as simply a hobby and nothing challenging at all. That couldn't be farther than the truth. The complexities and multi-tasking that go into social media management are unmatched and provides a world of opportunities. I've learned how to manage different client styles and needs, create graphics & animations, and become immersed in the topics at hand" says Lizzie. The ultimate goal this summer is to give the interns an experience of what it's like in the day-to-day marketing industry.

Working alongside multiple successful companies from different industries allows the interns to branch out and create content that will perform phenomenally on all social platforms. The interns have had the opportunity to learn how to manage multiple social platforms at a time, from Instagram to Facebook, and learn how to use applications like 'Later' to schedule posts ahead of time without having to worry about it in the future. Each task that is given when we meet every Tuesday and Thursday is always something new, something that will help Katherine and Lizzie learn what it's like to manage multiple clients at a time.

"Creating eye-catching content, ranging from the graphic designs to video creation that will look great on every company social platform I have worked with is one of my favorite tasks. I've learned how to use several tools and apps that have helped me create the content that I envisioned and put out. I'd have to say, coming up with captions is harder than it seems but the more I worked on them the better I got!" says Katherine.

Working alongside the interns teaches you things too, every day we meet, we discuss current trends on social media and it's always exciting to see what we come up with. Discussing topics such as influencer marketing, video content creation, or new features that instagram is constantly adding. The social media world is endless, there is always something to talk about and content to create! GOAT Social Media is not just for posting on social media. It is about changing how the world sees a brand and the importance of the message they portray. We can't wait to continue helping your brand reach its fullest potential!

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