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Meet Our Summer 2022 Interns

After a record number of applications and interviews, GOAT Social chose a summer internship class of four dedicated students from Florida State University, the University of Florida, and Florida International University.

For some, summer is a time to relax and vacation. For this group, summer is a time to learn about the fast-paced world of social media marketing and management. When founder Kassie Meiler initially interviewed potential candidates, she was looking for two talented individuals to mold and educate. She was stunned to see the interest and felt like she couldn't pick just two, so she offered the internship to four incredible students. It's been off to a great and busy start. We're excited to introduce you to our internship class because we know this next generation will be making waves in the marketing world when they graduate.

Meet Hailey

Hailey is an incoming senior studying advertising at the University of Florida. She could not be more excited to intern at GOAT Social Media for the summer and is very excited to learn more about the social media industry. Hailey chose to go into advertising due to her passion for creating content and wanting to work hands-on with clients. She has experience in marketing and advertising from past internships in Fort Lauderdale and in her free time loves to create content for her friends' small businesses to gain even more experience in the media industry. "Social media is so prevalent in today's society that I believe it is important to have a good foundation to build upon." After her senior year, she hopes to live in New York City to continue her career in advertising and social media by going into the entertainment industry.

Meet Allison

Allison Mckinney is a senior at Florida International University majoring in Marketing. As a student, Allison knew she wanted to be involved in a creative aspect of the business world. "Despite not knowing where I would end up and being unsure of what major was right for me, once I stumbled across my first Marketing class, I realized that this was something that I believed I could do. Over time, as I gained experience in the marketing field, I realized I loved it. Creating eye-catching, unique content tailored to different clients in various industries allows me to enhance my creative mind and think outside the box. I would have to say this journey filled with uncertainty was a long haul, but it's all worth it," Allison says. She is looking forward to the rest of her time at GOAT social media, where she hopes to learn more aspects of marketing that will allow her to be well-rounded in the area.

Meet Sofia

Sofia Rosa is a recent graduate from Florida International University with a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communications. Prior to her current internship with GOAT, she interned with the FIU BOLD program, as the creative for PRSA Greater Fort Lauderdale. Her favorite part of the internship was collaborating with her team to redesign the company's website and enhance its social presence.

Sofia is eager to apply tactics from her degree and hopes to gain hands-on experience while curating content for clients, while also creating a unique and innovative social presence. She hopes to gain insight from founder Kassie Meiler on how she approaches potential clients while attending her current ones. Sofia plans to apply to graduate school after her internship with GOAT, for further education in marketing and is currently exploring the possibility of attending a university outside of Florida "Apart from learning how to generate to a worldwide market, I hope to gain insight of being part of a team and community."

Meet Juliana

Juliana Scaduto is a senior at Florida State University. She is studying Marketing with a minor in Retail Merchandising. Juliana hopes to hold a position in marketing or a related field post-graduation. She has experience with social media marketing in her remote position with South By Sea, where she creates social media posts selling greek life merchandise. She also helps with creating content for the Instagram account of Wonsaponatime Vintage, a vintage shop in Tallahassee. Juliana is looking forward to her time this summer at Goat Social Media, as she hopes to improve her leadership, creativity, and teamwork skills through collaborating on social media projects with Kassie as well as the other interns. "Social media is the future of business, and I can't wait to get my foot in the door with this form of marketing and sales."

For more updates this summer, be sure to follow GOAT Social Media on Instagram @goatsocialmedia.


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