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5 Hacks for Perfecting Your Instagram Reels

Instagram is always working to step up their game with brand new features for all types of users! One of the latest features are Reels, which are fun, bite-sized videos anyone can create. You can share these videos on your feed, just on the Reels page, and to the public, possibly ending up on the Explore page with a chance of exposure to thousands, even millions of users! To help increase the quality, reach, and overall aesthetic of your Reels, we rounded up a few of our favorite tips and tricks to making it big on the Reels page!

Hack 1- Use timed text

A great feature when making Reels is the ability to time your text on certain parts of your video. To time your text, you need to write out the text you want to use first, and if you want different text at different times, your text needs to be in separate text boxes. Now to time it all, there will be a small box at the bottom of the screen for each new text layer. Simply select the box of text you would like to edit, and the time bar for the video will pop up with adjustable brackets on each end. Then, all you have to do is drag the box to where you want the text to start and end!

Hack 2- Use a Set Time

Reels are meant to be short and sweet! Your video can range anywhere from 5, 10, 15, or even 30 seconds at max, depending on the content of the video. Tap the timer icon to adjust the timing of your video and start creating. Don't feel pressured or pushed to hit a certain time limit. Anything goes!

Hack 3- Add Music

Music is an important part of Reels and makes your video stand out. Make sure to always use the music provided in the app and use the music sticker. Do not use any music that comes from outside of the app. Instagram takes IP laws very seriously and it is very possible that if your music comes from outside Instagram, the video could be taken down.

Hack 4- Add Flavor and Personality with Stickers

Instagram provides a variety of stickers, emojis, and text to add to your Reel to make it more personable. Adding a time, date, location, or emojis can enhance your first Reels' appeal on Instagram. Make it fun, keep it light, and put a little bit of you in each clip!

Hack 5- Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice makes perfect and finding your routine when making Reels will take a bit of time. You can post and delete your Reel as many times as you need to see how the layout, music, and overall video looks. You can also add a Reel to your drafts if you need to save it for later or make some edits.

Reels on Instagram can make anyone feel like a Hollywood director with its easy functions and large range of music, stickers, text, and editing options. You can make a Reel of bloopers, heartwarming clips, beauty tutorials, making delicious food, and so much more. The possibilities are endless in the world of Instagram Reels!


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