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Need A Recipe or a Life Hack? There’s a TikTok For That.

TikTok is more than funny videos and silly dances. You can learn how to unclog a sink, discover the best places to drink in Disney World, and even discover the most underrated products available on Amazon.

Last night, inspired by TikTok, my family and I tried the Garbage Disposal cleaning hack. Oh yes, we filled our sink with ice and followed the instructions step by step. Last week I learned how to make Reese Witherspoon’s favorite green smoothie, because who doesn’t want to look as amazing as Reese at age 44? (Seriously I’m shocked too!)

If you have been on the internet or watched the news these past few months, you have probably heard of the app TikTok. TikTok’s tagline on their website is “Real People. Real Videos.” During COVID-19, TikTok has been on the rise bringing people together and entertaining families with challenges and viral dances.

The lively, trendy dances are the most well-known videos made popular by the likes of teen and adult influencers who have garnered millions of followers on the app. If you refresh the “For You Page,” hundreds of new videos will appear each second, providing a viewer with content to last for hours or days on end. These trends have become a quarantine-must, busting boredom one video clip at a time.

What many people may not realize is that there is another side of TikTok filled with helpful tips, hacks, or even the best items to purchase on Amazon. This advice is free and available to anyone with a phone, tablet, or computer to browse the app. There are a variety of skilled creators making content to help their viewers and followers. TikTok has become a community filled with practical and easy to follow tips for people of all ages.

Some of my favorite hacks/tips include:

There are entire accounts dedicated to various hacks and tips, such as Lifehacks. On TikTok you can also find specialty accounts that provide help with a niche topic. These topics can range from cooking, to beauty, to technology, and so many more options.

Looking for different trends and hacks is easy! If you want to browse TikTok for specific ideas, you can use popular hashtags such as: #hacks, #beautytips, #lifetips and more similar to those. There are endless possibilities to help make your life easier and more efficient with the help of this amazing community on TikTok. What is the internet for if we can’t share our knowledge and wisdom?


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