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3 Things I’ve Learned After Running My Own Business for 3 Years

Three years, three offices, and many clients later, in honor of the third anniversary of GOAT Social Media LLC, I am reflecting on the lessons I have learned along the way.

In September 2017, I decided to start my own LLC. It truly began as a side business and I was freelancing social media management for clients and businesses on a case by case basis. Soon, I fell in love with the fast-pace work of social media management and I ended up pursuing my Master’s in Mass Communications with a focus in Social Media at the University of Florida. While studying for my Master’s I continued to grow GOAT Social Media sustainably. I was taking clients on slowly and learning so much through experience and my grad program. Once I graduated in December 2019, I was confident and determined to take GOAT Social Media to the next level and I scaled up my business.

Just like many Americans, I was not immune to the effect that COVID had on small businesses. Many clients of mine, specifically in the hospitality industry, had to pause efforts. I began to shift my focus on the businesses that need social media now more than ever. During this time, while it was tough I truly feel like I learned a lot about how to run a business, what truly matters in the long-run, and how not to stress the small stuff.

In honor of the third anniversary of GOAT Social Media, I am sharing three important lessons I have learned:

1. Trust Your Gut- Sounds simple right? It can be very difficult when it comes down to business. It’s tough because you rarely seldom want to turn away work and you always want the client to be happy but it’s important to listen to that gut feeling screaming in the background.

2. Communication is Key! Establishing a clear and concise plan of action is crucial. My clients have peace of mind knowing they can count on GOAT Social to deliver exactly as they envision. This allows my clients to focus on other aspects of their business and be more productive all around.

3. Create Boundaries! It’s easy to eat, sleep, breathe, and live your business. My wheels are constantly turning thinking about my business, but I have learned that boundaries and breaks are crucial to being successful. It’s when you turn your “work brain” off that a genius idea might hit you. It prevents burn out and can reignite your passion.


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