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Why is Social Media Important for a Business?

It is 2020, and yet I still find the need each and every day to argue the importance social media marketing for a business.

Many businesses understand the importance of “being” on social media but many do not understand the value of putting money towards it. Social media has true measurable components. In a quick, easy-to-understand way I will break down some important factors to social media marketing.

In order to be successful in social media marketing, there needs to be a plan. The plan has to determine what is important to measure. By hiring a social media expert, the money being used is determining the best plan for your key performance indicator (KPI), measuring the results, and evaluating what works and what does not. By doing so, a business can gain a more focused social media approach and real results are possible.

Social media also gives you the ability to learn about your audience. Social media experts, like myself, can use analytics to let you know specific days and times when your audience is talking about your brand, which can help focus your future posts to more relevant times to increase engagement. Analytics can also predict your reach, which is a potential audience size.

Social media is also a great way to go above and beyond in customer service. In today’s world, engagement online is crucial with potential customers, and competitors. When you engage with potential customers online, you give them an extra reason to connect with your brand. For example, when I managed a hotel on Facebook, an international customer had a question. I responded swiftly with great care, and because of that, the customer decided to book with our hotel and not with the competitors because we built a trust with them through engagement.

71% of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others” (Ambassador). Social media is no longer optional for a business. It is a requirement to be competitive and to stand out from the competition.


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