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Unveiling Instagram's Latest Innovations: A Deep Dive into the Platform's 3 Exciting Updates

Instagram is rolling out exciting new updates, including longer Reels, interactive carousel comments, and ads with promo codes, all designed to boost user engagement and enhance the shopping experience. Stay tuned as we dive into how these features can transform your social media strategy and drive results for your brand!

Instagram is constantly evolving, bringing new updates and features to enhance user experience and engagement. Meta has announced three exciting updates that are reshaping the platform. Firstly, Instagram is testing longer Reels, allowing creators more time to captivate their audience and share engaging content. Secondly, a new feature enables users to comment on specific frames within a carousel update, fostering more interactive and detailed conversations. Lastly, Instagram is enhancing the shopping experience by introducing ads with promo codes to entice purchase activity. Stay tuned as we explore these updates in detail.

Long-form videos have been an upcoming trend that Instagram must accommodate, starting with longer Reels. According to Social Media Today, you can currently only use pre-recorded videos for longer Reel uploads, as opposed to capturing them via the Reels camera. This testing format helps Meta monetize in-stream ads, as longer watch times keep users entertained and contribute to ongoing app growth.

This year, Meta reported that Reels consumption is up 20% year-over-year, maximizing growth on both Instagram and Facebook. Instagram has been testing 10-minute uploads, and we await further updates on this feature to see its impact on user engagement and app growth.

Driving Instagram promotion with ads featuring promo codes, now available globally as of mid-March, offers significant benefits. According to Meta, advertisers using this feature saw a 9.1% median reduction in cost per purchase and a 10.1% median increase in conversions. Instagram advertisers and brands can list their promo codes in captions, facilitating quicker checkouts and better tracking of Instagram-based sales, a crucial KPI for brands and social media managers.

Carousel posts have been a popular format on Instagram, promoting more personal sharing or "photo dumps." Posting numerous photos for one brand leads to higher exposure and engagement. Instagram is now testing a way to comment on specific images within a carousel post. Last October, Meta began testing collaborative carousel posts, allowing other users to contribute to carousel feed updates. They are also working on expanding carousel posts to up to 20 images, enhancing user/brand communication and leading to higher engagement.

Currently, only a limited number of users can test these features. At GOAT Social Media, these small but impactful updates excite us and increase efficiency at our agency, boosting our clients' engagement rates, social media-driven sales, and overall user experience.


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