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Reeling into the Instagram Ad Space

Instagram Reels have been taking the app by storm ever since its launch in 2020. Reels are 15-30 second multi-clip videos that can be found on the Reels tab or Explore Page on Instagram. They range in topics from makeup tutorials, to food reviews, to comedy sketches! Reels are engaging videos that can help your business reach a larger audience.

Now, Instagram is utilizing its large user interaction by launching Instagram Reel Ads so businesses can reach a larger, targeted audience. Just like Instagram story ads, the Reel ads will show up in between non-sponsored posts and will be looped. Users will have the ability to comment, like, save, and share the sponsored reels. This is a key opportunity for companies to capture their audience’s attention in creative and unique ways. This is also a great way for users to be exposed to new types of content in an entertaining way.

Companies like Nespresso, BMW, Netflix, and Louis Vuitton are utilizing the new reels ad functions to promote new products, shows, and even Instagram IGTV series. Unlike normal reels, reel ads can only be 30 seconds long, opposed to the 1 minute long videos allowed for original reels. This gives companies a great opportunity to advertise their new services and product in a quick and effective way so users can continue to scroll through their favorite videos but with a chance to view engaging reel ads as well.

If you are a social media manager or company looking to five into the Instagram ads scene, here are 6 steps to get your Instagram reels ad up and running!

Step 1: Create the ad

This is the time to start getting all of the creative pieces together. Think of the captions, video themes, and hashtags. For organic reels, choosing the music paired with the video is crucial as it not only sets the tone, but viral sounds/music will perform at a much higher rate. Find music that fits your brand and the message you intend to send.

Step 2: Navigate to ads manager

Your company should have an Instagram business account which ensures that you have access to the Ads Manager feature. Once you find that page, click create.

Step 3: Choose your advertising goal

Take note of your company’s objectives of placing an ad on Instagram Reels. Check out this objective chart for not only reels, but many other possible ad features on Instagram that you should take advantage of. The six advertising objectives that are most important for reels are brand awareness, reach, traffic, app installs, video views, and conversions.

Step 4: Fill out all campaign details

Make sure to include important information like your budget, target audience, and schedule.

Step 5: Place the ad

First, choose manual placements. Then, navigate to the dropdown menu next to stories. Choose the Instagram reels button to begin the process of posting a reel ad.

Step 6: Customize your call to action

It’s your move! Decide how your viewers are going to act in response to your Reel. Do you want them to Shop Now, Read More, Sign Up, or Click Here? There are so many different options for call to actions, so see what fits best for your brand and its message.

Now, your Instagram Reels Ad is ready to be published for the world to see! This ad will be appearing publicly, unless your settings show otherwise. Your business is now ready to set the tone for creative, effective, and unique Instagram Ads for the future of advertising.


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