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Pivot- The Marketing Keyword During the COVID-19 Crisis

Pivot. An attractive word for change, adapt and survive during COVID-19.

Are you really in marketing if you haven’t heard or said the word “pivot” lately? It seems like everyone is “pivoting” their marketing and advertising strategy.

According to, the word “pivot” as a verb means “to turn on” but in the sport of basketball it means “to keep one foot in place while holding the ball and moving the other foot one step in any direction.” The basketball definition seems to apply to what many brands are currently doing. Many marketers and companies still have “one foot in place” while they are switching the message and applying the same concept to our new normal way of life.

The Walt Disney Company is a prime example. The theme park commercials have come to a halt and the Disney+ commercials have increased greatly. They “pivoted” their role in advertising to let their streaming service take center stage, but Disney made sure to keep their message of magic, hope, and family present and in the front of consumers’ minds.

Nike is another great example. While sports are on hold, they still managed to create a motivating and direct message to their consumers. Pictured is the message they shared recently on social media. “Playing for millions around the world” takes on a whole new meaning. Nike is a brand that always empowers its consumers. Their message is aimed to make anyone feel like an athlete with the popular slogan, “Just Do It.” Therefore, this shift in messaging is merely a “pivot.” It still aligns with their goals and aligns with their brand.

Change can be scary. As someone who works in the social media sphere daily, I know it’s only a matter of time before something newer and better comes along. A new update, an edited algorithm, a fancier news feed, etc. It’s okay to “pivot” your strategy as long as you are true to your brand. Stay in your lane and think about what draws your customers to your brand or company, and stay authentic in your response to COVID-19.

I seriously haven’t heard the word “Pivot” used so much since this famous Friends scene. If I didn’t include it in this article, what kind of person would I be?

In short, to those who are hustling, staying up late, and working out “pivotal” situations to evolve and thrive during this new normal I applaud you! Let’s keep supporting each other in this tough time. We’re all in this together!


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