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New Shopping Trends on Social Media 2020

Over the past few months, we have all learned the importance of technology and staying connected. Without Zoom, social media, and all of our devices, our quarantine experiences would have looked very different. The endless content on all social media platforms could leave you scrolling for hours subconsciously.

In 2019, internet users spent an average of 2 hours and 22 minutes per day on social networking sites. Many social media and online platforms have seen a rise since the beginning of the pandemic in their usage stats, as well as the amount of content being added. It seems there’s more and more every day to look at. You could scroll for hours subconsciously.

Platforms such as Google and Facebook are finding ways to take advantage of this new rise in online purchases, communicating, and working. Now that convenience is in technology, companies are trying to figure out how to accommodate the ever-changing conditions of the world we live in today. Technology is also having to go through many updates to accommodate COVID demands.

Facebook has implemented many popular online trends such as messaging, shopping, and facetime screen sharing. Now, when you are calling friends or family, you can share your phone screen for an easy and effective way to share photos, recipes, or your newest online purchase! This is a great way to stay connected, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Right now, the maximum number of people allowed in this feature is “up to eight people in group chats or up to 16 people in Messenger Rooms.” Features like this can help people feel less isolated and is a great way to close the social distancing gap.

Online platforms are always competing for the top spot in whatever sector is trending. Whether it is allowing video chat features or messaging, there is always a competition. Google, is no different. Google is working its way into the eCommerce sector rivaling Facebook and Instagram, who have their own online shopping platforms on their respective applications. This eCommerce search is different on Google. They aim to create a space that features different items being sold with short 90-second video clips to help uniquely sell the products. Online shopping has had a big boom in sales since the pandemic started. People want their items without the risk of getting exposed. This platform will give the user the ability to customize their feed with their interests and save the products they like. The main goal is to give influencers and business owners a chance to show off their products in an engaging way, more specifically in the beauty community to start.

Social media and other online platforms have helped us bridge the gap between distance, reconnecting, and so much more for years. This technology has become an instrumental component of our lives in isolation. With technology constantly updating with the times, online platforms are always looking for the next big thing to help them stand out from the rest. Whether that be screen sharing, eCommerce, or posting updates about life, they are constantly being shaped by our needs.

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