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Meta Recently Announced Facebook Reels New API to Enable Sharing Via Third-Party Apps

Meta has been looking for ways to increase the utilization of Facebook Reels; now, the new Facebook Reel API will allow content creators and brands to share, edit, and manage their reels via third-party apps. This "share to reels" function will help creators make more reels promptly. Meta announced their partnerships with Jellysmack, Sprout Social, and Wix as the first platforms to stimulate "Reels" posting with more to follow.

Reels are the fastest-growing form of content on social media currently. Since TikTok became a household name, short-form videos have reached a wider audience than static content. To compete with TikTok, Meta created Reels and has improved the posting experience to encourage creators to share more Reels.

Meta recently said, "We realize that many creators and brands rely on third-party tools when creating Facebook Reels, and we want to enable simplicity and ease of sharing video content from their tool or app of choice through the 'share to Reels' feature." This new feature will complement the Instagram Reels API, which was launched in June 2022.

According to Social Media Today, Reels engagement has declined 13.5% in recent months, while Instagram, in particular, is losing more ground to TikTok in terms of time spent in-app every day. Many blame Instagram's algorithm, which is not a fan favorite of many users complaining they don't see enough "real" content, only ads and spam. The Instagram algorithm analyzes content posted and ranks the order based on the users' interest and frequency. Instagram admitted the algorithm "hasn't been consistent yet." Although, Meta (the parent company of Facebook and Instagram) remains confident that incorporating Reels into both platforms will create a more user-friendly experience and help creators increase brand awareness with short clip videos.

With that in mind, there has been backlash since Meta's Reels launched, suggesting they're "losing steam" and seem to be chasing every social media trend. Some suggest the influx of Reels has pushed them over the edge, and they just want the previous app experience instead. How do you feel about the short-form video craze? We'd love to


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