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Join Kassie at the Female Disruptors Virtual Summit

Female Disruptors unite on January 19, 2022 to share years of knowledge, strategies and tactics. If you’re focused on launching or growing your business, this virtual conference has got you covered.

Lisa Buyer is hosting 25+ speakers, brands, and attendees to cultivate and create a new beginning. This virtual conference is for all genders looking to give/share/cultivate/coach actionable advice, inspiration, wisdom, and support. "Let's stop talking in terms of Gens X, Y, and Z, Millennial, and Boomers. The focus now is on guidance and pathways to success for all. Together."

Keynote speakers include Cathy Hackl, Katie Wells, and Rhonda Britten. I'm excited to be one of the featured speakers. I will be discussing how I began my very own social media agency while studying for my Master's degree. You won't want to miss my session. I will cover smashing timelines, turning a side-hustle into a full time business, and how to soak up the resources around you.

It’s time for the future of females to be a path without adversity. One that is equal, balanced, and fair without fear, judgement or harassment, and with a group of other badass, ambitious women helping you rise! That’s GOLDEN. You don’t want to miss this!

Register for my talk today and share it on social media for a chance to win a FREE $25 Amazon gift card. Visit this link to register:


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