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Facebook's Spring Cleaning

A sleeker Newsfeed, dark mode, and an emphasis on stories and groups can all be seen on Facebook’s latest desktop design.

Have you checked out the new Facebook desktop design? This update reminds me more of the mobile application than ever before. The overall look is modernized. The classic Facebook blue is subdued and there’s more white on the screen than ever before, that is unless you switch to the new “Dark Mode” option, then black dominates the layout.

Many of us are using Facebook’s tools more than ever before, therefore, it makes sense that Facebook added quick tab buttons at the top to easily access videos, groups, marketplace, and gaming. Right under these buttons on the Newsfeed is where you can watch stories from your Facebook friends. I predict that Facebook Story usage will increase with the implementation of this new design because it’s a large focal point above the status bar on the Newsfeed compared to the Classic feed.

On the left side of this new layout is where you’ll find colored icons. These icons include but are not limited to Messenger, Live Videos, Marketplace, Watch, Pages, Events, Groups, Fundraisers, Most Recent, Friend Lists, Memories, Games, Messenger Kids, Ads Manager, and Jobs. There’s also a short cut menu underneath, where you can customize what is shown. For me, I have it set to the Facebook pages that I currently manage.

If you do not have the new layout yet, do not fret! For many desktop viewers, if you go to the menu on the top right of your home screen, you can find an option that says “Switch to New Facebook” and it will automatically switch over. You will still have access to switch back if you’re afraid of change. According to, “…the new design is not mandatory, so you can switch back any time you want.” It’s unclear when and if Facebook will make it standard for all.

Facebook has always been an innovator in the social media world and I predict more social platforms will start to align their desktop and mobile versions even further. What do you think? Share your thoughts with me.


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