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Facebook is Taking Over the eCommerce Space

Social Media has grown from sharing pictures and stories to transforming the eCommerce space. Now, Facebook has been making strides towards taking over the eCommerce space and changing the way we all online shop.

Facebook is introducing the new Live Shopping Fridays series, where the platform will host live-streamed shopping experiences, collaborating with selected retailers. Viewers will be able to ask questions about the products and make purchases all in the stream! Every week and Friday until July 16th, viewers can have access to this feature and enjoy tons of beauty, skincare, and fashion brands with the latest products and trends.

COVID Changing the Shopping Experience

COVID has made us rethink our shopping habits and heavily pushed the world of eCommerce onto so many shoppers. Most people do not think twice before going online shopping rather than to a store or mall. Now, with Facebook jumping into the eCommerce space and providing an interactive online community, there are more ways than ever to feel like you are in the store without ever having to leave your house! Online shopping on social media sites is the new form of Window Shopping!

Top Brands Taking Advantage of eCommerce

Many well-known brands such as Abercrombie and Fitch, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Sephora, Dermalogica, Alleyoop, and Zox will be hosting streams. The brands will help consumers take a behind-the-scenes look into their business, answer questions about the products, and purchase directly from each respective stream. For example, brands like Sephora will host “how-to” videos on different makeup styles, or Abercrombie and Fitch would host a summer wardrobe checklist! Shoppers can tap on products tagged in the video and be taken directly to a link to learn more without even leaving the video or the couch. If you follow an individual brand on social media, you will be notified of the stream and be able to join easily.

The Facebook eCommerce push has come after large brands such as Walmart have collaborated with many TikTok influencers to promote their products and promote a new phase of online shopping. So long are the days of kids admiring their favorite products on T.V. commercials but now asking their parents about products all from their social media apps like TikTok. Instagram and WhatsApp are also among those social media apps pushing into the eCommerce scene, but Facebook has pushed further into a more interactive online experience.

If you are not ready to turn to strictly online shopping, those days may be coming to a close sooner than you think! As social media and other online platforms are taking over socialization with our family, friends, and peers, it is also taking away our traditional shopping experience but providing a more interactive experience right from your home. Stay tuned for tons of online shopping every Friday until July 16th with some of the biggest brands today! So, stay safe, relax in bed, and shop your hearts away with the click of a button!


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