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Branded Content is Expanding on Instagram

Instagram is constantly updating its application to evolve into the best version it could be. It all just started as photo posts to expanding its features as far as producing video reels and shopping features.

Recently, Instagram has once again renewed its design of the home screen to better showcase the new features of the popular platform. Since TikTok is one of Instagram's biggest competitors, Reels now has its own section in the center of the home screen making it easy to direct users to its dedicated page of endless content!

Taking Advantage

Instagram is filled with content creators and influencers that are constantly producing new content and creating trends. "Now, the platform is taking additional steps to ensure creators have access to more lucrative brand partnership and revenue options through additional branded content capabilities across Reels, Live, Stories, and in posts including product tags." Brands are going to take full advantage, more than they ever have before, to make it easier for brands to advertise on their platform.

Updates. Updates. Updates.

Here are a few of the latest updates: Starting with integrating the branded content tag in reels and live, Instagram is introducing branded content tags similar to TikTok, to be highlighted on reels and testing the

feature on Instagram Live in the upcoming weeks. “Branded content is a powerful tool for creators and businesses, and these updates will help them get more out of the content they’re creating together,”

Instagram COO Justin Osofsky shared. “This will continue to be an area of focus for us as we build out a suite of monetization tools that support creators’ various needs and ambitions.” Social platforms will continue to offer creators new tools and platforms to accelerate

nonstop measurable sales.

Let’s Break it Down

As we all may know, Branded Content ads were first created to promote already existing posts by content

creators. Now, Instagram is amplifying this by letting advertisers post branded content ads without having Instagram creators posting it first. Let's break it down; advertisers will now send a request for ad creation access and then the creator will either deny or accept ad creation access. Instagram now created a minimum age for branded content feed posts. With this new feature, they could set the age for content creator's posts and they could also choose to set default minimum ages and for specific countries as well.

Check it Out!

Brands like American Eagle, GymShark, and Sephora have already hopped on the exciting feature! Just by going on their main page, slide over onto reels and you could get shopping! Check it out, it's simple!

Instagram is extraordinary in so many ways and now with this feature, there will be more people shopping right from their favorite creators on Instagram. This will be more effective for brands to offer more value to their content. I am looking forward to seeing how this new format is going to change Instagram, will people love it or hate it? Stay tuned for the next couple of months while Instagram cooks its newest features!


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