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Pinterest is Jumping on the Stories Bandwagon

Pinterest is introducing their own version of Stories known as 'Idea Pins.' They are joining Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to offer their users' this feature.

'Stories' was first introduced to the world in 2013 with the famous Snapchat application. Brands quickly took advantage of the 'Stories' segment of Snapchat to share with followers news and updates going on in the world. Soon after, Instagram was the first to copy Snapchat with Stories. Like Snapchat, "Instagram Stories" allowed users to share videos and pictures for 24-hours until they disappear. Instagram later implemented a highlights feature where users could keep their stories and customize them on their profile for anyone to look after at any time. Of course, stories became a huge hit, and soon after, Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn joined on the 'Story' wagon.

Pinterest, another image-sharing and social media network announced that they don't want to be listed as a social network anymore. Pinterest has been growing a lot with eCommerce over the years, and now instead of creating the same old Stories like every other platform, Pinterest is putting a unique twist to it. They are introducing their own version of Stories known as 'Idea Pins.'

Pinterest explains, "Idea Pins are an evolution of Story Pins, with a new name to better match the uniqueness of a product that empowers creators to share long-lasting ideas and not quick-lived stories... Creators will have a suite of new publishing tools including video-first features, new editing tools, and updates to make creating Idea Pins easier and more creative." The Idea Pin format has a similar look to the other networks. Profile bubbles will be at the top of the home page, and users' will be able to scroll through each on their feed, including from brands and advertisers.

Idea Pins comes with many features: tools to edit your clips, stickers, voiceover, and music options. There are also "detail pages" that give creators the chance to add more details to their uniquely designed content. Pinterest is still working on making Idea Pins the best they could be. Essentially, Idea Pins will be ideal for products and businesses. We look forward to seeing this feature on Pinterest take shape and catch on!


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